2018 is the Year of You! Challenge Me. Change Me.

That’s right. We’re declaring 2018 the Year of You!

Forget your struggles. Forget your weaknesses. Forget all of your previous failures. Forget it all. 

Get up. Dust yourself off. Baby, you’re back!

This is the year that you kick your excuses to the curb, toss your obstacles out of the way, and smash your goals.  This is the year that you remind yourself, as well as your friends and family, you can still kick life’s a$$. 

It’s your life. It’s your body. It’s your health. And most importantly, it’s your happiness. 

At Ageless, we spent almost the entire 2017 gearing up for 2018. We automated and systemized as much as we could so that we could toss the paperwork aside and take a proactive, hands-on approach to helping you conquer your goals. We wanted to transition from a gym that simply “rented” equipment to a gym that fights right alongside you. 

And we’re ready…. 

So what does that specifically mean?  It means we’re going to be pushing, pulling, and at times carrying you toward the finish line. 

In 2018, we’re going to be:

Offering Badges

Did you ever participate in boy scouts or girl scouts? Do you remember earning badges for different skills you acquired? This is no different except instead of badges you’ll be earning t-shirts. 

Badge #1 The Roadrunner Challenge

The endurance badge.  Complete 4 of the races below in 2018 and receive a free limited edition t-shirt. 

  1. The Black Diamond Days 5k
  2. The Ageless Haunted 5k GloRun
  3. The Tour De Donut
  4. The Ageless Firecracker 5k
  5. The Tour de Coal
  6. The Big Dawg Dare
  7. The Alpha Dog Race
  8. The GHS sponsored 5k
  9. One half or full marathon anywhere in the U.S.
  10. One 5k or 10k anywhere in the U.S.
  11. One obstacle race anywhere in the U.S. 

All you have to do is take a picture after the race, upload it to Facebook or Instagram, tag Ageless Gillespie or Staunton, and hashtag it with #AgelessRRChallenge. 

Badge # 2 The MyZone Calories

The metabolic badge. Earn a badge once you hit the following total calorie levels:

  1. Platinum Level 175,000 calories – Free Ageless t-shirt
  2. Gold Level 125,000 calories – Free Ageless water bottle
  3. Silver Level 100,000 calories – Free Ageless lanyard
  4. Bronze Level 75,000 calories – Free Ageless car decal

Badge #3 The Challenger Badge

The finisher badge. Earn a free t-shirt by completing all 4 of our challenges, 1 each quarter. 

  1. Swimsuit Sexy Challenge
  2. Ageless Saves Christmas Challenge
  3. Skinny Jeans Challenge
  4. Indoor Triathlon Challenge

Badge #4 The Feat of Strength Badge

The strength badge. Earn a free badge by exceeding the following weight in the deadlift (any style) and bench press (combined total weight).


  1. Hulk Level 1000lbs – We name a squat rack after you
  2. Platinum Level 800lbs – Free Ageless t-shirt
  3. Gold Level 700lbs – Free Ageless water bottle
  4. Silver Level 600lbs – Free Ageless lanyard
  5. Bronze Level 500lbs – Free Ageless car decal


  1. Hulk Level 800lbs – We name a squat rack after you.
  2. Platinum Level 600lbs – Free Ageless t-shirt
  3. Gold Level -450lbs – Free Ageless water bottle 
  4. Silver Level 350lbs – Free Ageless lanyard
  5. Bronze Level 300lbs – Free Ageless car decal

An Ageless team member must be present during the lift. All bench attempts must use a spotter. Both maxes must be done during the same month. 

Offering Challenges

Who doesn’t love a good challenge. Sometimes we just need that extra bit of motivation to push us toward our goals. 

Challenge #1 Swimsuit Sexy Challenge

Don’t be late for the swimsuit season. Click here to see the Swimsuit Sexy Challenge from last year. 

Challenge # 2 The Skinny Jeans Challenge

Get back into those jeans you loved in high school. Click here to see the Skinny Jeans Challenge from last year. 

Challenge #3 Ageless Saves Christmas Challenge

Holidays always wreak havoc on the waistline. Not anymore. Click here for the Ageless Saves Christmas Challenge from last year. 

Challenge #4 The Indoor Triathlon 

New for the Spring of 2018. Row, spin, and run your way to your first indoor triathlon at Ageless. More details to be released soon. 

Offering a helping hand

We’re here to help. Fitness and nutrition is our passion. Lean on us. 

Level 1 The Look Good, Feel Good Program (LGFG), the DadBod Training (DBT) Newsletter, & the Private Facebook Members-only Group. 

The Look Good, Feel Good program is a FREE 4 week program we have at the front desk for those brand new to exercise who aren’t comfortable lifting free weights, but still want the benefits of resistance training. Using our machines, the LGFG program will take you through a 30-45 minute circuit of weight machines and cardiovascular exercise.  It’s designed for all ages and fitness levels to help you lose weight, get healthy, and move better. Pick up your program at the front desk. 

The DBT email newsletter is a FREE newsletter targeted specifically to males where we separate the fitness and nutrition BS from the truth. Register for the free newsletter by clicking here.

Stop by the front desk and ask about joining our FREE members-only Facebook group where you get 24 hour access to not only the staff at Ageless, but also other extremely knowledgeable members. Ask questions, answer questions, and become part of our private community. 

Level 2 Personalized Coaching Plans (PCPs)

New for 2018. Our PCPs are individualized training plans created by our certified trainers designed specifically for you and your goals. Get a custom 6 week plan created for you for $30. Click here for more details. 

Level 3 Fit to Fab Transformation Coaching Groups

If you like the team aspect of training, you’ll love our Fit to Fab Transformation Coaching groups. You’ll receive expert coaching, a strong, supportive group, and weekly group meetings. The 6 week program costs $60. Click here for more details. 

Level 4 Small Group and 1-on-1 Personal Training

For those looking for a more hands-on approach to training, book a session with one of our certified trainers in a one-on-one format ($24 per session) or a small group format ( $12 per session with no more than 4 clients at the same time). Stop by at the front desk or email us for more information. 


We’ll also be hosting nutrition and training seminars throughout the year, as well as our Haunted 5k Haunted GloRun in Gillespie and 5k Firecracker run in Staunton.

Are you ready for 2018? We sure are!





Motivated? Feel challenged? Are you ready? We are!