Cancellation Policy

Certain classes and appointments are limited to a number of spaces. In order to allow every client the opportunity to take advantage of the free classes, we ask that you abide by our policy listed below.

If you are no longer able to attend a class that required advance registration or a personal training appointment, please cancel your spot before the one (1) hour window to avoid the Late Cancellation Fee.

A $5.00 Late Cancellation Fee will be applied to your account if you are unable to cancel your reservation within one (1) hour of the scheduled class or appointment, or do not show up for the class. Please note that you will receive a “Late Cancel” email or “No Show” email notifying you that we noticed you missed your reservation.

If you forgot to sign-in for the class or you think you received a notification by error, simply let us know so we can remove the charge from your account.

We understand life happens, we’re human too. All clients will receive a “Grace” for their first Late Cancel/No Show per calendar year. After this, the “Late Cancel/No Show” policy is in effect.

If a class that requires preregistration is booked at full capacity, there are three (3) waitlist positions you may elect to reserve. Waitlist clients are automatically moved into the class if there is an EARLY CANCEL and waitlist clients will be notified by email, text message or both (set your communication preference at the front desk).

The waitlist locks 15 minutes before the scheduled class time which means waitlist clients will NOT be automatically added into the class after that point.
If you can no longer attend the class, you must remove yourself from the waitlist to ensure you will not be moved into the class if space opens. Once you are moved into the class, you are subject to the LATE CANCEL/NO SHOW policy.

If the waitlist is locked and there is space available in the class, feel free to add yourself to the class or come to the studio to take the open space.
Clients may also come to the studio before class to wait on standby in the case of a no-show. If you arrive more than 5 minutes past scheduled class time, your reservation may be given to a standby client.


All memberships are eligible for cancellation and must be cancelled in writing, but membership fees are not refundable. Cancel your membership by sending an email to your home studio, a Facebook message to your home studio or by leaving a note in the after-hours drop box. If you a month-to-month member, letting your expiration expire is treated as a membership cancellation and no email is necessary.

If you are a 6-month contract or 12-month commitment member, a written cancellation notice is required and a $125 Early Termination Charge will apply.

12-month commitment memberships automatically renew and can be cancelled with written notice at any time after the 12-month contract period for no termination charge.