Silver Sneakers Fitness Reimbusement Program at Ageless & Ageless Squared



After literally years of trying to get in, Ageless and Ageless Squared have been accepted into the Silver Sneakers Fitness Reimbursement program.

What is Silver Sneakers?

Silver Sneakers is fitness reimbursement program administered by insurance providers.  If Silver Sneakers is part of your insurance policy they will pay all or part of your gym membership for you.

How do you know if you have Silver Sneakers?

Call your insurance provider.  If Silver Sneakers is part of your policy you should have or they should send you a “Healthways ID Card” with a 16 digit id number on it.

What do you need to do to get all or part of your gym membership at Ageless or Ageless 2 paid for you by Silver Sneakers?

Bring in your Healthways ID Card with your 16 digit ID number on it.

Sign in on the Silver Sneakers Sign in Sheet when you enter either of the gyms.

How the membership fee reimbursement will work?

Your insurance company will pay the gym(s) a set dollar amount per visit up to a set dollar amount per month.  As a result, all or part of your gym membership fee will be paid for you.


We cannot post the actual dollar amount because the insurance companies will not let us.  If you call or stop by either gym we can let you know the actual dollar amounts for the reimbursement.

Please contact us with any questions,

-Ageless Staff


Ageless Phone = 217 – 839 – 2484

Ageless Squared Phone = 618 – 635 – 2243