TKO: Cardio boxing class is coming to Ageless-Gillespie

If there’s one thing we all need in our life, it’s a safe place to hit things as hard and as long as we want without any repercussions – stress relief.  We now have that safe place – our new cardio boxing class, TKO on Tuesday evenings at 6pm in Gillespie starting January 23rd.  5 […]

19 Quotes to Live by in 2018

Every Christmas I get Amazon gift cards as gifts. And every New Year’s, I use those gift cards on books from Amazon and set a goal to read every book I buy in hopes of squelching my desire for reality TV.  Last New Year’s, I ended up getting 45 books. Unfortunately, I only made it […]

DadBod Training: Creating Your Own 6 Week Program

  My gains have stopped. What do I do? I feel like I’m just wasting my time in the gym now. Periodization, aka proper planning, is your answer. It can be complex if you’re an Olympic athlete. However, if you’re a dad like myself, it’s simple if you remember these three things: Getting larger muscles, […]

Introducing the Ageless family membership

The AGELESS experience is like no other fitness experience. The community of the Ageless team and members is a supportive group that care about your wellness success. Over the years, our loyal members have shared feedback on what makes Ageless great and the part we love, how we can make it even better. With that in […]

Big Baller Basketball League for K-3rd Graders Starts Soon

It might be cold right now, but things are going to heat up in a few weeks when our little ballers take the court. As Dickie V would say, it will be splash city, baby. Nothing but the bottom of the net. Those diaper dandies will be tickling the twine all game long. If you […]

Personalized Coaching Plans are coming…

There are times when we all need a little guidance, especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition.  Maybe we’re new to fitness, and have no idea where to start. Maybe we’ve hit a plateau and need a change. Or, maybe we just want to show up, do the work, and get results without thinking […]

2018 is the Year of You! Challenge Me. Change Me.

That’s right. We’re declaring 2018 the Year of You! Forget your struggles. Forget your weaknesses. Forget all of your previous failures. Forget it all.  Get up. Dust yourself off. Baby, you’re back! This is the year that you kick your excuses to the curb, toss your obstacles out of the way, and smash your goals.  […]

DadBod Training: Creating Your Dad-Friendly Workout in 4 Steps

Now it’s time to start getting serious, putting some pencil to paper, and creating the best damn muscle-building, fat-burning program the world has ever seen. Ok.Ok. Maybe not the best program the world has ever seen, but at least it will be one that’s actually built on science, not marketing garbage, will continue to get […]

It’s an Ageless Fitmas… New challenge starts Nov. 28th.

Last week the lead sled engineer at the North Pole contacted us about an idea he had for an alternative fuel source. Overly excited (we’re talking almost to the point of high pitch screaming), Norman told us it’s brand new, completely green, AND, in addition to saving the planet, it directly improves the health of […]

DadBod Training: Designing a Dad-Friendly Workout

To lift or not to lift? That is the question. Actually, the question I most often hear is slightly less poetic than Shakespeare- What the F should I do in the gym? It’s confusing right. A thousand different exercises. 40 different workout splits. Reps. Sets. A million different workouts posted online by various coaches. Who […]