GloKick Lil’ Rockstars is baaaaccck

Does your child like to dance? Is she or he the next American Idol? Good. Our GloKick Lil’ Rockstars is just the class for her. She’ll twirl, kick, and float for 30 minutes of non-stop fun. She’ll love it.  The Details: Who: Boys and girls ages 3-10  Where: Ageless in Gillespie When: Mondays from 6-6:30pm, […]

DBT Nutrition: Making a meal that doesn’t taste like cardboard

Now that we’ve agreed upon the 3 principles of nutrition for weight loss, let’s hop over to the kitchen (or microwave) and make some magic happen.  Before we start though, I want to reiterate that we’re starting on ground zero. I’m a realist. I’ve been in the fitness biz long enough to know that the […]

DBT Exercise Principles: The Nuts and Bolts of Losing the Beer Gut

We’ve already discussed the DBT Nutrition Principles in the previous post. If you missed it, check it out here. If you’ve been salivating at the mouth like a Pavlov dog for the training principles, here they are: Compliance: Again, compliance is key. It’s like marriage.  If it’s not sustainable, it won’t work. So, if you […]

Little Kids’ Soccer Starts in November at Ageless

It’s that time a of the year. Within just a few weeks the evenings will be just chilly enough that your little ones won’t be able spend their nights outside playing.  Instead, they’ll be running around your house causing havoc and headaches. Don’t you worry. Our Little Kids’ Soccer program is starting Tuesday, November 7th. We’ll make […]

DBT Nutrition Principles- The Nuts and Bolts of Losing the Beer Gut

Nutrition Principles to Lose the Beer Gut.  Great, repeatable results come from efficient, effective systems. And those systems are built on a handful of principles – rules that cannot be broken if one is to succeed. Would Phil Jackson have won eleven NBA championships without the triangle offense? Would Nick Saban have 3 BCS championships […]

The Ugly Truth Behind the Beer Gut

No one wants to be that guy at his high school reunion that no one recognizes. Or worse yet, they do recognize him, but they think it’s the guy’s dad. His friends whisper, “I guess he had one too many beers over the years.” Or, “He went from homecoming king straight to Burger King and […]

Fit to Fab transformations starting at Ageless

Lacked motivation lately? Feel like summer came and went? Still not where you want your energy and body to be? Then this is for you. Even with the convenience of around the clock access and free classes, we still find some still can’t find the energy to make it to the gym as often as […]

The 2017 Skinny Jeans Challenge at Ageless

  Stop what you’re doing right now and go find that pair of jeans you absolutely loved in high school. Yes, that pair. The one pair that as soon as you put them on, you instantly felt better. You know, the pair that after you put them on, you looked into the mirror two, three, and even […]

2017 Haunted GloRun at Ageless in Gillespie

Although the leaves haven’t fallen just yet, we’re already gearing up for a SPOOKtacular Haunted GloRun this year. Yes, you heard it correctly. We’re bringing back the Haunted GloRun to Ageless in Gillespie. And, it’s going to be bigger and better than the one we had in 2015, which had over 120 participants. Can you […]

New Construction in Gillespie

                What the….???? If you’ve driven by the gym, that question has probably crossed your mind. Is it a house? Is it a garage? Is it part of Ageless? Are the Allan’s finally getting escaping concrete island? Here’s your answer, straight from the horse’s mouth. (Skip down to […]