Exercises You Should Be Doing: The Suitcase Carry

benefits of the turkish getup

If I told you that I know an exercise that will fix hip, back, and shoulder problems, as well as tone up all of the areas that are particularly troublesome to most gym members (glutes, abs,  and upper arms) plus takes care of your cardio training and all you had to do was walk, would you do it?

Excellent. Now that you’ve agreed with me, grab a heavy kettlebell and start walking.

The Kettlebell Suitcase Carry

How to:

It’s a relatively simple exercise. Bend down like you’re going to deadlift (hips back, chest up, and core tight) and pick up just one kettlebell with one hand. Your other hand will be free. Now walk. Remember to keep a tall spine. No hunching over. Also keep your shoulder blades pulled down and back. Don’t let the shoulder that’s carrying the kettlebell creep towards your ear. Try to limit as much side-to-side swaying as you can, especially from your hips and shoulders. Keep that core tight.

Why You Should if You Want to Lose Weight or Gain Muscle:

Just like with the Turkish Getup, it works your entire body, from your feet to your shoulders. It may not look like it burns a lot of calories, but try carrying a 55lb kettlebell the length of the basketball court. I guarantee you’ll be out of breath. Your core and upper back will be on fire. Once again, it’s simple – the more muscles we stimulate, the more calories we burn.

If you’re interested in building muscle, grab a farmer’s walk handle instead of a kettlebell and load it up with 45lbs on each side. Your traps, abs, and forearms will be burning after a single walk. Guaranteed!

Why You Should if You’re an Athlete:

Two words: injury prevention. It’s a dynamic anti-flexion core exercise, a movement that’s a piece of every sport. Plus, it helps protect the shoulder and the hips via its uni-lateral loading. We use this exercise with EVERY athlete that trains with us.

See What It Looks Like:

See the master Tony G demonstrate it below.

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