Don’t be turkey. Hit the Gym with Us this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a time for football, turkey, stuffing, family, and…. the gym.  That’s right. Jump start your Thanksgiving preparations with a good ole’ fashion sweat. Don’t let that tryptophan get the best of you.  Here is what we have planned for Thanskgiving morning: At Ageless in Staunton: Thanksgiving Zone-Match Spin When: November 23, 7:00-7:45 am […]

Mom, this letter is to you…

  Dear mom, You need to exercise. And when I say exercise, I mean with AND without weights.    Why?    Because you’re never going to stop being a mom, even when you’re 85 years old and your kids’ kids have kids.    Why?   Although you won’t say it, you and I both know […]

GloKick Lil’ Rockstars is baaaaccck

Does your child like to dance? Is she or he the next American Idol? Good. Our GloKick Lil’ Rockstars is just the class for her. She’ll twirl, kick, and float for 30 minutes of non-stop fun. She’ll love it.  The Details: Who: Boys and girls ages 3-10  Where: Ageless in Gillespie When: Mondays from 6-6:30pm, […]

Little Kids’ Soccer Starts in November at Ageless

It’s that time a of the year. Within just a few weeks the evenings will be just chilly enough that your little ones won’t be able spend their nights outside playing.  Instead, they’ll be running around your house causing havoc and headaches. Don’t you worry. Our Little Kids’ Soccer program is starting Tuesday, November 7th. We’ll make […]

The 2017 Skinny Jeans Challenge at Ageless

  Stop what you’re doing right now and go find that pair of jeans you absolutely loved in high school. Yes, that pair. The one pair that as soon as you put them on, you instantly felt better. You know, the pair that after you put them on, you looked into the mirror two, three, and even […]

2017 Haunted GloRun at Ageless in Gillespie

Although the leaves haven’t fallen just yet, we’re already gearing up for a SPOOKtacular Haunted GloRun this year. Yes, you heard it correctly. We’re bringing back the Haunted GloRun to Ageless in Gillespie. And, it’s going to be bigger and better than the one we had in 2015, which had over 120 participants. Can you […]

New Construction in Gillespie

                What the….???? If you’ve driven by the gym, that question has probably crossed your mind. Is it a house? Is it a garage? Is it part of Ageless? Are the Allan’s finally getting escaping concrete island? Here’s your answer, straight from the horse’s mouth. (Skip down to […]

Summer 2017 Kids’ Activities at Ageless

Summer is finally here… And if you’re like most parents, you’re already looking for something to entertain your kids this summer. Look no further. Check out our activities below: Kids’ PE Class  What: Your little whippersnapper will play dodgeball, run relay races, participate in knockout, and play a handful of other fun, active games.  And […]

Survey Results: We asked. You Answered.

We asked. You answered (over 75 of you), And here is our response… First, thank you. We received almost twice as much feedback as we hoped for. 98% of it was extremely positive, and the 2% that wasn’t, was extremely helpful. We had a handful of really good ideas that we hope to implement over […]

We want to hear from you. Anonymous survey responses needed.

Pardon the interruption, but can you spare 5 minutes? Every year we ask our members (and members who no longer have active memberships) to fill out a short, anonymous survey so that we can improve Ageless in Gillespie. We take this survey very seriously, and would greatly appreciate it if you can answer it honestly, […]