Fit to Fab transformations starting at Ageless

Lacked motivation lately? Feel like summer came and went? Still not where you want your energy and body to be?

Then this is for you.

Even with the convenience of around the clock access and free classes, we still find some still can’t find the energy to make it to the gym as often as they should or are not getting the results they want. So Ageless is introducing Fit to Fab transformation challenges at our Staunton location with Barb that will provide accountability and coaching to help you get in the mental and physical shape you’ve been wanting. The 6-week program has limited availability and is open to anyone committed. We want people who are ready for a challenge and are serious about putting in the effort to get results.  

The cost is $99 for the 6-week challenge or $60 if you are currently a member of Ageless. Registration is not guaranteed until payment. If you would like a spot in the challenge, we will reserve your spot for 24 hours to allow you time to stop in or call to pay for the challenge. If payment isn’t met within 24 hours, your reserved spot will be released. 

What do you get?

Prior to the start of the challenge, we will schedule an assessment and introductory meeting where you will meet Barb, our personal trainer at Ageless-Staunton and the coach of the Fit to Fab transformations. At the meeting, Barb will:

  1. Discuss your health information
  2. Take your beginning measurements at 8 different areas on your body
  3. Take a local body fat analysis on the same 8 areas of your body
  4. And finally, identify relative muscle strength and quality on the same 8 areas of your body.

Once the challenge is underway, you will meet with Coach Barb six times over the course of the challenge along with the other challenge participants. During the Coach Session, you will be introduced to your workout, taught the proper technique to exercises and provided tips for completing your workout on your own in-between your Coach Sessions. 

At the Coach Session is where you will receive your weekly workout plan that you perform at your own convenience. We will also add all challenge participants to our exclusive group on Facebook that we will use for group support and questions.

We will be honest, it’s not going to be a walk in the park. You won’t get results without putting in the effort. But we have not had anyone not get results who have followed our instructions.