Personalized Coaching Plans are coming…

There are times when we all need a little guidance, especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition. 

Maybe we’re new to fitness, and have no idea where to start. Maybe we’ve hit a plateau and need a change. Or, maybe we just want to show up, do the work, and get results without thinking about the planning (my personal investing strategy). 

Of course, personal trainers are a great option. In fact, studies have shown that those that hire a trainer are more likely to reach their goals, as well as accomplish them in a  shorter time frame. Unfortunately, they’re also expensive. At Ageless, they’re $12 per session. Drive 30 miles to Edwardsville, and you’re looking at $30-$50 per session. Scheduling 2-3 workouts per week can quickly put a big dent in a budget. 

So, for the last 12 months we’ve been working on a solution, something that’s affordable yet also individualized.

We spent the first 6 months of 2017 cleaning up our backend processes and systemizing/automating as much as we could so that it would relieve us from the paperwork of the day-to-day operations. It’s given us more time to interact, field questions, and walk the floor helping members. 

Then a few months ago we started working for an online personal trainer that does over $1.5 million a year in online training and nutrition programs. We spent 5-6 hours a day creating exercise programs and meal plans for his clients, fielding questions from clients, and reading through client questionnaires. All the while we were also taking notes on the system and processes he uses, the most common questions we encountered, and the most frequent client concerns so we could create our own system at Ageless.

And now, after a month of testing, we’re here, ready to launch our Personalized Coaching Programs (PCPs). 

The Details

Who is it for: Anyone that needs direction. The program will be unique to you – your goals, your limitations, your likes, and your dislikes. If you’re interested in losing weight, we can design a program for you. If you’re interested in moving better and feeling better, we can design a program for you. If you’re looking to add some muscle and strength, we can design a program for you. 

What does it include: 

  • a 6 week customized exercise program created by a certified trainer specific to you
  • unlimited email access to our coaches for any nutrition or training-related questions
  • An initial 30 minute meeting with your coach to go over the program. Coaches will also be available at the gym at least 4 hours per day to answer any questions you have, critique your exercise form, or help you through your workout. 
  • Help calculating your nutritional requirements based on your goal, as well as feedback on your diet using My Fitness Pal. 
  • The M3 Nutrition Manual 
  • Accountability partners and group meetings (Although we won’t offer this initial, we will once we have enough members participating.) 

What is the process:

  1. The first step is filling our private, secure questionnaire online. It asks about goals, previous injuries, limitations, exercise history, preferred training days, etc. It allows us to create a program specific to you.
  2. Once that’s filled out, we’ll e-mail you with any questions we have regarding your questionnaire, and to schedule your first workout. 
  3. Prior to your first workout, we’ll email you your plan so you can review it before we meet. 
  4. During your first workout we will answer any questions you have, critique your form, and go through the entire workout with you. 
  5. After the initial meeting, we will be available via email for any questions you have. We’ll also have coaches available in the gym at least 4 hours per day to help you with your workout. 

How long will it last: The program will be a 6 week program. After the initial 6 weeks, you can purchase another 6 week program that will be built on the previous one, or continue to use that one. The goal of our PCP is to give you the confidence you need to exercise on your own. We don’t want you to be reliant on it forever, although if you have no interest in designing your own programs you very well can be. The really nice thing about the PCP is it removes the awkwardness from personal training when you decide stop. You don’t have that weird feeling of seeing your personal trainer in the gym after stopping your training. Plus, it’s extremely convenient. You can do it on your own time. 

What is the cost: $30 for gym members, $60 for non-members

Misc: This is not personal training. Unfortunately, we will not be able to be with you for every exercise of every workout. We’ll try to schedule coaches to be around at various times throughout the week, but we cannot guarantee you’ll always have access to a coach while you are working out. If you’re interested in a more hands-on solution, we can refer you to a certified trainer.