Summer 2017 Kids’ Activities at Ageless

Summer is finally here… And if you’re like most parents, you’re already looking for something to entertain your kids this summer. Look no further. Check out our activities below: Kids’ PE Class  What: Your little whippersnapper will play dodgeball, run relay races, participate in knockout, and play a handful of other fun, active games.  And […]

Basketball Training – Small Group Training

(Photo courtesy of Jan Dona at the Coal Country Times) The offseason is here, and that means one thing – you’re either getting better or you’re getting worse. No exceptions. Starting April 3rd, we’re offering our small group training for basketball skill development just like we did last year. Unlike our crossover camps, these sessions will […]

Lil’ Dribblers March Madness Basketball Showdown

The madness is about to begin… The NCAA may be the creators of the most popular March Madness basketball tournament, but we guarantee our Lil’ Dribblers’ March Madness is the most entertaining tournament. As a fan, you’ll witness amazing missed lay-ups, spectacular airballs, and so many traveling violations you’ll lose your mind.  And best of all, we […]

3-on-3 FASTketball Tournament at Ageless: It’s basketball but twice as entertaining and 10x better at developing skills

The problem with 5-on-5 basketball for kids 5-on-5 basketball is overrated. It’s boring. It’s slow. Worse yet, it’s a poor teaching tool for young athletes. Don’t agree? Hear us out… Most coaches and parents would (should) agree that the primary goal of youth basketball should be skill development. Keeping track of wins and losses from […]

Killer Crossover Basketball Camp Starts February 6th

The Killer Crossover Basketball Camp is baaaccckkk for 2017. Last year, all 20 spots were filled within 72 hours, and we expect the same this year. Why Dribbling? If you can dribble, NO MATTER how tall you are you can play. The most important position on the floor is the point guard. Seeing the floor, […]

Speed and Agility Camp Set for January 31st

Back by popular demand… Speed and agility camp with Corrie is back on Tuesday nights from 7:15-8:00pm starting January 31st. Put down the video games, turn off the TVs, and throw away the phone. No matter what sport your child plays, the non-stop action in this class will be sure to not only keep him/her […]

Hip Hip Tumbling is coming to Ageless

Hip hop hip to the hop, and we won’t stop…… Hip Hop Tumbling with Loni and Corrie is coming to Ageless this January, and spots are limited. Whoever said peanut butter and jelly is the best one-two combo apparently has never tried “dropping like it’s hot” followed by a few somersaults and cartwheels.  If you’re […]

Lil’ Dribblers is baaaackk for 2017

It’s basketball time! Little Dribblers is back. It may look like chaos, but we promise your child will love it! It’s full of laughs, smiles, and even a little sweat. You may even see a couple of made baskets too.  Last year we had over 100 kids come through our Lil’ Dribbler’s program. This year, […]

Dodgeball Tournament Scheduled for November

Back by popular demand. Get ready to duck, dive, and drop during our Thanksgiving dodgeball tournament. The Details When: November 23rd Where: Ageless in Gillespie Who: 1st grade at 4:00pm, 2nd & 3rd Grade at 5:oopm, 4th &5th grade at 6:00pm, and 6th, 7th, and 8th grade at 7:00pm. Cost: $25 per team ($5 per […]

GloKick Lil’ Rockstars is baaaaack with a Christmas edition.

No, this isn’t Abby Lee’s Dance Company. No tears. No chairs being thrown. No drama. This is all about dancing, having fun, and being a rockstar for 5 weeks. Corrie, one of the creators of GloKick, is back with  GloKick Rockstars. It starts Monday, November 7th, and will culminate with a Christmas rockstar concert (which […]