Ageless Squared in Staunton
Ageless: the 4 L's for Happiness

Who is Ageless


“Stop. This is the only place you’ll visit today that has absolutely zero negative energy. So, no matter how bad your day has been before you walked through those doors, forget about it. Smile. Laugh. Exercise. Be healthy. You only live once.” – Our sign as soon as you enter Ageless

We’re not a gym. We’re not a fitness center. We’re not a business. We’re a sanctuary for happiness. We’re a place where people from all walks of life come to feel young again. Exercise is just a boring synonym for play. What we do in our classes, what we do with our personal training, what we do with our equipment is essentially just child’s play. We’re one big playground for adults.

However, we must not fool ourselves into thinking that exercise is always fun. Sweating, breathing hard, and muscle soreness are not always enjoyable. Challenges are hard. The process is sometimes long and arduous. However, the sense of accomplishment our members get from achieving their goals and performing acts they didn’t think were possible makes all the work, all the effort, and all the pain enjoyable. We must challenge our members constantly so small successes eventually evolve into big successes. What they accomplish in the gym should inspire them to accomplish much, much more outside of the gym.

So, in short, we’re the fountain of youth. We help remind our members of the days of old, when youth blessed us with hope, belief, and change. Anything was possible then, and anything is still possible now. We remind them of the days when everything was much, much simpler. The smallest accomplishments resulted in the biggest smiles. Stress was as foreign to us as property taxes were. We were carefree, happy, and most importantly, living, not surviving. Maturity may have made some people forget, but we have not. For age is nothing but a number.

Thank you for being a part of our family

Corrie, T.J., Amber, Jan, Al, Zak, Pete, Liz, Brad, Reggie, Mike, Meredith, Barb, and Amy