athletic training programs at ageless

No matter what sport you play, how good you are, or your age, we have a training plan for you. Our athletes play almost every sport imaginable – from basketball to volleyball to track. We train high school athletes, collegiate athletes, and even 6th grade girls just learning to play basketball.  When it comes to athletics, we’re your training partner!

Why Do Athletes Choose to Train with Us

In short, because we get results.

  1. Expertise – Programs are created by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the NSCA who is also Functional Movement Screen Level 1 certified.
  2. Real-world Experience – All trainers are former athletes so we know what young athletes have and will experience.
  3. Knowledge – We use the most up-t0-date training methodologies so our athletes have access to the most effective training programs available. We are constantly attending clinics, seminars, and workshops to improve our craft.
  4. Training Tools – We have access to the latest training technologies and continually invest in tools that make our athletes better, stronger, and faster on the field. No other gym in a 60 mile radius has access to the equipment we use including the WoodWay Force treadmill, the Just Jump vertical mat, the CardioCoach CO2, KinesioCapture motion analysis software, and more.
  5. Winning Environment – We currently have several former athletes playing collegiate sports. We also train some of the best high school athletes in the area. Because of that, our environment helps breed success. It’s competitive, teaches hard work, and prepares athletes for the next level. And best of all, it’s high energy fun.

Our Programs

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4th Quarter Basketball Training Academy

Baseball and Softball Off Season Training Program

Strength, Power, and Speed (SPS) Development Program

FUNdamental Movement Training for Young Athletes

Athletic Tests and Assessments