Individualized Training

We pride ourselves in offering not just an affordable gym but also affordable individualized training programs. We know not everyone can afford to spend $100 per month on personal training services. And we also know that training and nutrition is confusing. People need help beyond just paying a membership to rent equipment. 

So what we’ve created is a pyramid of individualized training services that can fit any budget and any fitness level. 

Level 1 – 

The Look Good, Feel Good Program (LGFG) – FREE

The DadBod Training (DBT) Newsletter – FREE

The Private Facebook Members-only Group. – FREE

The Look Good, Feel Good program is a FREE 4 week program we have at the front desk for those brand new to exercise who aren’t comfortable lifting free weights, but still want the benefits of resistance training. Using our machines, the LGFG program will take you through a 30-45 minute circuit of weight machines and cardiovascular exercise.  It’s designed for all ages and fitness levels to help you lose weight, get healthy, and move better. Pick up your program at the front desk. 

The DBT email newsletter is a FREE newsletter targeted specifically to males where we separate the fitness and nutrition BS from the truth. It’s designed to eliminate the beer gut without eliminating the beer. Register for the free newsletter by clicking here.

Stop by the front desk and ask about joining our FREE members-only Facebook group where you get 24 hour access to not only the staff at Ageless, but also other extremely knowledgeable members. Ask questions, answer questions, and become part of our private community. 

Level 2 – 

Personalized Coaching Plans (PCPs) – $30 for 6 weeks

New for 2018. Our PCPs are individualized training plans created by our certified trainers designed specifically for you and your goals. Get a custom 6 week plan created for you for $30. Click here for more details. 

Level 3 – 

Fit to Fab Transformation Coaching Groups – $60 for 6 weeks

If you like the team aspect of training, you’ll love our Fit to Fab Transformation Coaching groups. You’ll receive expert coaching, a strong, supportive group, and weekly group meetings. The 6 week program costs $60. Click here for more details. 

Level 4 – 

Small Group and 1-on-1 Personal Training – $12-$24 per session

For those looking for a more hands-on approach to training, book a session with one of our certified trainers in a one-on-one format ($24 per session) or a small group format ( $12 per session with no more than 4 clients at the same time). Stop by at the front desk or email us at for more information.