Strength, Speed and Power Development

There’s not an athlete in the world that cannot benefit from strength training. All you have to do is peruse the profiles of various high school, college, and professional athletes, and you’ll quickly see a pattern. The athletes at the top of the pyramid are bigger, faster, and stronger. That pattern can even be seen in the difference between Divison I, II, and III athletes.  When it comes to sports, strength is king. And in the end, strength leads to athletes jumping higher, running faster, throwing harder, and getting injured less.

Our programs are progressed via the pyramid below:

Athletic Training at Ageless in Gillespie

  1. First Priority – Creating functional movement patterns via mobility and stability exercise progressions using the Functional Movement Screen.
  2. 2nd Priority – Adding general strength to fundamental movement patters that are found in all sports.
  3. 3rd Priority – Expressing the new levels of strength as quickly as possible, also known as power development.
  4. 4th Priority – Transferring the power from the weight room onto the field, also known as sport-specific skills.

Program Details:


Who: 8th grade – high school athletes (baseball, softball, track, football, volleyball, and basketball)

Limitations: No more than 6 athletes will be allowed per training session.  Spots are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis, and are limited.

For more information: E-mail us at or call us at 217-839-2484 to see if spots are available.

This program is available at both of our locations – Ageless Squared in Staunton and Ageless in Gillespie.

Why Us:

  1. Expertise – Programs are created by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the NSCA who is also Functional Movement Screen Level 1 certified.
  2. Real-world Experience – All trainers are former athletes so we know what young athletes have and will experience.
  3. Knowledge – We use the most up-t0-date training methodologies so our athletes have access to the most effective training programs available. We are constantly attending clinics, seminars, and workshops to improve our craft.
  4. Training Tools – We have access to the latest training technologies and continually invest in tools that make our athletes better, stronger, and faster on the field. No other gym in a 60 mile radius has access to the equipment we use including the Just Jump vertical mat, the CardioCoach CO2, KinesioCapture motion analysis software, and more.
  5. Winning Environment – We currently have several former athletes playing collegiate sports. We also train some of the best high school athletes in the area. Because of that, our environment helps breed success. It’s competitive, teaches hard work, and prepares athletes for the next level.