Little Dribblers’ Basketball

You may call it Little Dribblers’ Basketball. We like to call it hilarious, organized chaos.  It’s fun, it’s exciting, and most importantly, it’s a great learning opportunity for children.

This program is only offered at Ageless in Gillespie.

The Quick Details

What – A basketball league designed specifically for the little ones: lowered baskets, a smaller court, and no scoreboards.

Who – Boys and girls in kindergarten through 4th grade.

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How much – $40 per child

Why Will Your Child Love It?

  • Our entire focus is on creating a fun, friendly atmosphere.
  • Playing time is EQUAL.
  • The scoreboard doesn’t matter. Learning the FUNdamentals do.
  • No overbearing coaches or unruly fans.
  • A staff that’s been teaching basketball for over 30 years.
  • Teamwork is emphasized rather than competition.
  • It’s about establishing a love for the game, and reminding children it will ALWAYS just be a game.

Why Will You Love It as a Parent?

  • Your child will be exposed to the fundamentals of basketball at a very young age by coaches who have been teaching them for over 30 years.
  • Your child will hopefully foster a love for the game that will continue throughout middle school and high school.
  • You’ll have plenty of photo opportunities and laughs during the games.
  • It not only develops basketball skills, but also social skills.
  • It helps burns excess energy.

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