Gym Contests

At some point in time, even the most dedicated gym rat needs a little extra motivation. At Ageless, we try to give our members that extra little motivational push with fun, energizing contests almost every month.

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Ageless Gym in GillespieThe Mt. Everest Challenge

At Ageless, we don’t mess around. When we go big, we go BIG! So if we’re going to have a contest on the Jacob’s Ladder, why not climb Mt. Everest?

Mt. Everest is the world’s highest mountain, with its peak 29,029 feet above sea level. Only 3,142 people have ever reached its summit. Worse yet, 219 people have died trying. For mere mortals, some say it’s impossible. We say bulls_t!



Ageless Summer Slimdown Contest

Ageless Summer Slimdown Part Deux

Need a little motivation this summer? With the success we’ve had from part 1 of the Summer Slimdown Contest, we’ve decided to extend it a 2nd month. Watch the the fat literally melt right off you, as you get a 1point for every class you attend at Ageless. We promise to keep the A/C off so you sweat as much as possible.


Summer Slimdown part 1 at Ageless

Summer SlimDown Part 1

It’s never too late to get in shape for bikini season. Our Summer Slimdown contest is exactly what you need to give you that extra little push to get ready for your swimsuit. Grab a partner, attend some classes, and watch the inches slim down.

Ageless Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes

Since the very dawn of time, a war has raged between the sexes. It began in the Garden of Eden after Adam graciously gave up his rib so God could create Eve. Eve, naive and weak, was fooled by the serpent into eating the forbidden fruit. She then convinced Adam, who knew better but did not want to disappoint his wife, to eat the fruit (It’s a fact ladies. I found it on Wikipedia). And it was at that exact moment in time that testosterone and estrogen became entangled in a never-ending battle for superiority.

That is until now. On April 6th, THE argument will end, and THE question will be answered. It is on that day that the superior sex will be crowned. Will it be the females who over the course of history have given us possibly the greatest gift of all: child? Or will it be the males who have given us the wheel, fire, penicillin, the microchip, and Duck Dynasty?



Ageless Fun Contest

Ageless Fitness Scavenger Hunt

Are you ready for a contest that doesn’t require thousands of squats and burpees? So are we. We’re never to old for a scavenger hunt, especially one that involves exercise.


Junk the junkfood contest at ageless

Junk the Junk Food Contest

Even Superman had his weakness. What’s yours? Oreos? Chips? Soda? Chocolate? Our first contest of the new year will be a blend of exercise, nutrition, and dedication.  Start 2013 off with a bang!