FUNdamental Movement for Young Athletes

Emphasis on FUNdamentals. This class was specifically designed for the next generation of Michael Jordan’s, Peyton Manning’s, and Derek Jeter’s.  Its primary goal is to build a firm foundation on which strength and power can built upon later on as the child matures. By doing so, your child has a huge advantage when he begins strength training in high school. He will literally be years ahead of his teammates and competitors

Who: 4th – 8th grade boys and girls

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Training sessions include:

  • Deceleration – the ability to stop safely and efficiently
  • Acceleration – the ability to start and explode safely and efficiently
  • Movement patterns – basics patterns like the squat, hip hinge, and horizontal pull that all sport rely on
  • Dynamic flexibility – establishing a safe range of motion for sporting movements
  • Speed Mechanics – proper foot, arm, and body positioning to make sure there is no wasted movement so your athlete can move as quickly as possible
  • Agility Mechanics – proper foot, knee, and hip angles to quickly decelerate and accelerate on the field

Most importantly, we try to make sure our young athletes develop a passion for fitness and athletics. By continually creating small wins and using positive reinforcement, we instill a sense of confidence in your child. In the end, we hope he develops a “growth mindset“, a.k.a “I may struggle with this drill/technique/skill now, but with enough practice I WILL master it.” That is the mindset of a true champion.

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