DadBod Training: Low Testosterone?

Testosterone… The fountain of youth. The cure for all of your aging problems.    Tired? No energy? Take a shot of testosterone.   No sex drive? Take a shot of testosterone.    Gaining weight around the midsection no matter what you do? Take a shot of testosterone.    Depressed? Can’t seem to get out of […]

Lose 6.9% of body fat with one pill. No exercise or dietary intervention needed. Too good to be true?

I don’t know how Dr. Oz hasn’t featured this study on his show yet. Unlike most of the junk he peddles, this supplement actually has a fair amount of research supporting it. And better yet, the research I’m about to cite was done on HUMANS, not rats. What is this marvelous wonder drug you ask? […]

Does fish oil cause prostate cancer?

Imagine it was your job to prove fish oil, one of the most beloved supplements in the industry, increased the risk of prostate cancer. How would you do it? Would you select a group of men that fit certain criteria, randomly separate them into two groups, one receiving fish oil and one receiving a sugar […]

A Fat Loss Supplement that Works?

It’s probably the most common question we get: “What supplement is best for fat-loss?” You can’t flip through a gossip magazine without seeing 6 or 7 full page advertisements for the “latest, greatest, hidden secret, 100% guaranteed” fat-loss supplement. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry with thousands of “happy” clients (of course, that’s according to the […]

L-Theanine: Relax with a little tea

Performance anxiety.. We’ve all probably experienced it at some point in our lives. At first your heart feels like it’s pounding through your chest, then your palms become sweaty and it feels like someone turned the furnace way, way up, and finally, if severe enough, your mind goes blank. It may have happened before a […]

The HCG Diet: Is it right for me?

With obesity reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S., weight loss remedies have never been more lucrative. By 2015, the weight loss market is projected to hit a whopping $672 billion. With that much money at stake, it’s not surprising the amount of fakes, scams, and quacks offered as scientific fact. It has become so convoluted […]

3 Supplements for Spartans

We usually don’t promote supplements. They’re pretty much useless if you don’t have your exercise regimen and diet in order. Much like band-aids, they’re a quick fix to a much larger problem. Fix the problem first. Then supplement. However, because of the brutality of the SpartanTraining Program, we’re making an exception. Plus, if done correctly […]