Fit to Fab transformations starting at Ageless

Lacked motivation lately? Feel like summer came and went? Still not where you want your energy and body to be? Then this is for you. Even with the convenience of around the clock access and free classes, we still find some still can’t find the energy to make it to the gym as often as […]

Is the scale stuck? Get it unstuck!

We’ve all been there. You start a diet, and during the first few weeks the weight seems to come off easy. You’re so excited to get on the scale Sunday morning because you know the numbers staring back at you will be smaller than the previous week’s total. All of your hard work and effort […]

Why don’t you exercise? Is 2017 the year you make the change?

Exercise IS the closest thing we have to a miracle drug. High blood pressure? Exercise. Bad cholesterol? Exercise. Blood sugar creeping up? Exercise. Worried about your risk of cancer? Exercise. Bad knees? Exercise. Did the doctor diagnosis you with osteoporosis? Exercise. Anxious or depressed? Exercise. Concerned about Alzheimer’s? Exercise. No energy? Exercise. Is your waist […]

Back-to-school Skinny Jeans Challenge Starts Sept. 5th

Stop what you’re doing right now and go find that pair of jeans you absolutely loved in high school. Yes, that pair. The one pair that as soon as you put them on, you instantly felt better. You know, the pair that after you put them on, you looked into the mirror two, three, and […]

Lose 6.9% of body fat with one pill. No exercise or dietary intervention needed. Too good to be true?

I don’t know how Dr. Oz hasn’t featured this study on his show yet. Unlike most of the junk he peddles, this supplement actually has a fair amount of research supporting it. And better yet, the research I’m about to cite was done on HUMANS, not rats. What is this marvelous wonder drug you ask? […]

The only advice you need to crush your 2016 goals…

It’s the new year, and with the new year comes resolutions. The questions have already started pouring in. What’s the best diet? Should I run or lift weights? How many times should I visit the gym? Should I go low carb or low fat? Have you heard about the hCG diet? Should I lift after […]

2 small changes you need to make to lose weight now

Losing weight is not easy, nor is it simple. The old school advice of eating less and moving more doesn’t work very well. In fact, it may actually move you farther away from your goal. How many times have you considered yourself a failure because you couldn’t lose weight even though you felt like you […]

Dieting Disaster: Why you hit that wall

As I was doing a little research for an upcoming article on the negative effects of poor eating patterns of female athletes, I had 3 papers in a row come to the same surprising conclusion that applies to athletes, non-athletes, males, females, dogs, cats, and anything else that severely reduces their daily caloric intake to […]

How to eat 1 pound of pasta and not gain an ounce of fat

I have a secret to tell you… You can have a cheat meal and continue to burn fat. And better yet, all of those carbohydrates you just consumed won’t be used to create even more fat. Yes, that’s right. You can splurge on a pizza, ice cream, or spaghetti and not completely ruin your diet. […]

Swimsuit Season – Why Starving Yourself Won’t Work

Summer is almost here. It’s so close you can almost smell the chlorine. And you can’t possibly think about chlorine without thinking about swimsuits. It’s not surprising then that as June approaches we get more and more questions about weight loss. Without diving into 100 different topics that pertain to weight loss, there’s one BIG […]