Killer Crossover Basketball Camp Starts February 6th

The Killer Crossover Basketball Camp is baaaccckkk for 2017. Last year, all 20 spots were filled within 72 hours, and we expect the same this year. Why Dribbling? If you can dribble, NO MATTER how tall you are you can play. The most important position on the floor is the point guard. Seeing the floor, […]

The Spartan Training Camp is Coming!

Throughout history, men and women have competed in arenas across the globe so that they may be crowned victors among their peers. Marred in blood, sweat, and sacrifice, legends were born. Respected and even envied by all, these victors would tantalize us mere mortals with their strength, endurance, and power, while their physiques, closely resembling […]

Speed and Agility Camp Set for January 31st

Back by popular demand… Speed and agility camp with Corrie is back on Tuesday nights from 7:15-8:00pm starting January 31st. Put down the video games, turn off the TVs, and throw away the phone. No matter what sport your child plays, the non-stop action in this class will be sure to not only keep him/her […]

Hip Hip Tumbling is coming to Ageless

Hip hop hip to the hop, and we won’t stop…… Hip Hop Tumbling with Loni and Corrie is coming to Ageless this January, and spots are limited. Whoever said peanut butter and jelly is the best one-two combo apparently has never tried “dropping like it’s hot” followed by a few somersaults and cartwheels.  If you’re […]

Fat Loss in 2017 – Should I perform cardio or lift weights?

2017 is already upon us. There’s literally no better time to take the initial steps to a better you than right now. If you’ve been wanting to make a change, NOW is the time. And if you’re wondering why you waited until 2017 to make the change, check this article out. No matter if you’ve […]

Is the scale stuck? Get it unstuck!

We’ve all been there. You start a diet, and during the first few weeks the weight seems to come off easy. You’re so excited to get on the scale Sunday morning because you know the numbers staring back at you will be smaller than the previous week’s total. All of your hard work and effort […]

Why don’t you exercise? Is 2017 the year you make the change?

Exercise IS the closest thing we have to a miracle drug. High blood pressure? Exercise. Bad cholesterol? Exercise. Blood sugar creeping up? Exercise. Worried about your risk of cancer? Exercise. Bad knees? Exercise. Did the doctor diagnosis you with osteoporosis? Exercise. Anxious or depressed? Exercise. Concerned about Alzheimer’s? Exercise. No energy? Exercise. Is your waist […]

Lil’ Dribblers is baaaackk for 2017

It’s basketball time! Little Dribblers is back. It may look like chaos, but we promise your child will love it! It’s full of laughs, smiles, and even a little sweat. You may even see a couple of made baskets too.  Last year we had over 100 kids come through our Lil’ Dribbler’s program. This year, […]

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Ageless

Hold the turkey. Boy, do we have some Thanksgiving celebrations planned for you. It starts November 23rd with a dodgeball tournament, and ends November 24th at 9am with spin classes and bootcamps at both gyms. It’s going to be a gobble-wobble of a good time. At Ageless -Staunton Thanksgiving Spin When: November 24th, 7:15-7:45am Where: […]

New Team Challenge: Ageless Saves Christmas

Last week the lead sled engineer at the North Pole contacted us about an idea he had for an alternative fuel source. Overly excited (we’re talking almost to the point of high pitch screaming), Norman told us it’s brand new, completely green, AND, in addition to saving the planet, it directly improves the health of […]