19 Quotes to Live by in 2018

Every Christmas I get Amazon gift cards as gifts. And every New Year’s, I use those gift cards on books from Amazon and set a goal to read every book I buy in hopes of squelching my desire for reality TV.  Last New Year’s, I ended up getting 45 books. Unfortunately, I only made it […]

The 2017 Skinny Jeans Challenge at Ageless

  Stop what you’re doing right now and go find that pair of jeans you absolutely loved in high school. Yes, that pair. The one pair that as soon as you put them on, you instantly felt better. You know, the pair that after you put them on, you looked into the mirror two, three, and even […]

Santa Tracker: Ageless Saves Christmas

The Ageless elves hold the fate of whether or not the guy in the red suit will bring Christmas to the United States. The elves are exercising more than ever earning MyZone MEPs to power Santa’s environmentally friendly sleigh this year. The”25 days of Fitmas” challenge started November 28 and concludes on December 22. Teams […]

Why don’t you exercise? Is 2017 the year you make the change?

Exercise IS the closest thing we have to a miracle drug. High blood pressure? Exercise. Bad cholesterol? Exercise. Blood sugar creeping up? Exercise. Worried about your risk of cancer? Exercise. Bad knees? Exercise. Did the doctor diagnosis you with osteoporosis? Exercise. Anxious or depressed? Exercise. Concerned about Alzheimer’s? Exercise. No energy? Exercise. Is your waist […]

A couple that exercises together, stays together

A couple that exercises together, stays together. Kevin and Dawn Fairman spent the evening of their anniversary exercising, sweating and burning a few hundred calories at Ageless instead of a romantic candlelit dinner (which is probably coming Dawn’s way knowing Kevin’s romantic side). The couple celebrated their 25th year of marriage Tuesday, April 26. As […]

Ageless: Do We Accept Your Insurance?

Here’s a great incentive for getting in shape – a reimbursement from your insurance company. We’ve worked tirelessly to add many solutions to help make our membership plans as affordable as possible and insurance programs is just one outlet available. Other outlets include a discounted rate for choosing a 6-month contract or 1-year commitment, a reduced rate for […]

And the question is…. Why?

This question comes up a lot. In fact, whenever I see an old pharmacy classmate, the conversation ultimately leads back to it… “Why a gym? Wouldn’t a pharmacy make more sense?” It’s the very same question that Simon Sinek dissects in his TED talk. It IS the root of why a business does what it […]

Who Am I to Say No?

Our mission statement is as follows: We’re not a gym. We’re not a fitness center. We’re not a business. We’re a sanctuary for happiness. We’re a place where people from all walks of life come to feel young again. Exercise is just an uglier word for play. What we do in our classes, what we […]

6 Simple Steps to Conquering Your Goals

A habit is a behavior that we repeat without thought or excuse. Some habits improve our health while others worsen it. Seek to create and incorporate as many health improving habits as possible into your daily routine. I use the following simple system to form healthy habits in my life. You can use it the […]

5 Lessons We Learn From Exercising

1) Keep going even when results aren’t obvious. Results happen so slowly that you don’t notice the changes to your body. We all hit physical and mental plateaus from time to time, but the lesson is to believe in the process in keep going in spite of an apparent lack of results. It’s even harder […]