DBT: How to burn 400 calories by doing almost nothing

  Fat loss is rarely easy. The workouts, the food deprivation, the temptations, the sweating, the chafing, the tasteless vegetables. Arghhhhh. At times, it can be downright miserable.    But….. It doesn’t have to be. You can turn the miserable into manageable with a few simple tweaks like spices, HIIT, spandex shorts, and something we’re […]

DBT: How many crunches does it take to get a 6 pack?

  Q: I read somewhere (cough, cough US Weekly) Brittney Spears does 1000 crunches per day. She has amazing abs. Should I be doing crunches?   Surprisingly, this question gets asked a lot… By guys.   Can you blame them though?  I think 99.9% of the male population would love to have Brittney Spears’ abs […]

DadBod Training – Where do I start with fat loss?

Q: I’m 270lbs. I’m 35 years-old. My doc tells me I need to drop 30lbs, possibly more.When I graduated from high school I was only 165lbs. Too much beer. Too much golf. Will you write me a workout program to help me lose weight? A: No. Here’s why…. You don’t need a workout program. You […]

DadBod Training: Low Testosterone?

Testosterone… The fountain of youth. The cure for all of your aging problems.    Tired? No energy? Take a shot of testosterone.   No sex drive? Take a shot of testosterone.    Gaining weight around the midsection no matter what you do? Take a shot of testosterone.    Depressed? Can’t seem to get out of […]

DadBod Training: Creating Your Own 6 Week Program

  My gains have stopped. What do I do? I feel like I’m just wasting my time in the gym now. Periodization, aka proper planning, is your answer. It can be complex if you’re an Olympic athlete. However, if you’re a dad like myself, it’s simple if you remember these three things: Getting larger muscles, […]

DadBod Training: Creating Your Dad-Friendly Workout in 4 Steps

Now it’s time to start getting serious, putting some pencil to paper, and creating the best damn muscle-building, fat-burning program the world has ever seen. Ok.Ok. Maybe not the best program the world has ever seen, but at least it will be one that’s actually built on science, not marketing garbage, will continue to get […]

DadBod Training: Designing a Dad-Friendly Workout

To lift or not to lift? That is the question. Actually, the question I most often hear is slightly less poetic than Shakespeare- What the F should I do in the gym? It’s confusing right. A thousand different exercises. 40 different workout splits. Reps. Sets. A million different workouts posted online by various coaches. Who […]

DadBod Series: The Only 3 Supplements You Need, and the 10,045 You Don’t

Pro wrestling. You gotta love it. The hype. The smack talk. The lie shrouded in testosterone, sweat, and six packs that you overlooked because it was just so damn entertaining. Tell me you didn’t wanted to be the Hulkamaniac at some point during your childhood. I dare you. Or, maybe it was the Macho Man. […]

DBT: The 4th (Almost) Nutrition Principle

So, let’s briefly review the 3 nutrition principles we’ve already agreed must be included in every weight loss diet/attempt/trick/book/fast/plan to be successful.  We agreed that: You must eat less calories than you burn.Duh. You must be compliant with your diet. Dieting for 3 days and eating like a maniac for 4 days won’t result in […]

DBT Nutrition: 3 Stupid Nutrition Tricks that Actually Work

These 3 tricks are stupid.  I’ll admit it. However, they’re just stupid enough that they actually work.  Give them a try and watch your pant size shrink before your very own eyes.  Play some pickup basketball after you eat Not really, but that’s how you should approach your meals to avoid overeating.  After every meal […]