Ankles and Athletes: Why so many injuries?

If you’re not on the court, you’re not helping your team. It’s that simple. Yao Ming, Greg Oden, Vince Carter, Grant Hill, and hundreds of others have fallen short of their true potential because of recurring injuries. That’s why NBA strength and conditioning coaches spend an inordinate amount of time, around 80%, working on injury […]

Covering More Ground in the Outfield with the Plyostep

The first thing a baseball coach asks when considering an athlete for outfield is “How much ground can he cover?”.  It doesn’t matter if the kid has a noodle for an arm; if he can chase down a fly ball, he’ll be in the starting lineup. Even in a sport that’s relatively “slow”, speed dominates. […]

Training to Prevent ACL Injuries

We’ve received a few e-mails over the last week asking what we do specifically for preventing ACL injuries. Mike Boyle once said it best ,”There is no such thing as ACL prevention training. There is just smart training and dumb training.” That’s really been our philosophy too. Here are a couple of things we do […]

Are Organized Sports Hurting your Child’s Athletic Potential

I just received an excellent e-mail from a soccer strength coach half way around the world detailing how the rest of the world creates great young athletes. Here is a great article in the New York Times about athletic development in other countries, specifically the famed soccer club Ajax. It really makes us question if […]

Should Basketball Players Bench?

After Kevin Durant’s poor performance on the bench press at the NBA combine in 2007, ballers across the country began to question whether the bench press was an effective training tool to improve their game.  If it’s in the NBA combine, it must be. Right? Wrong. Here’s why: Poor biomechanics: Basketball players tend to have […]

Do I Need to Add Plyometrics to my Training to Jump Higher

Without question, the most common question any strength coach gets is, “I want my son (team) to jump higher. Can you put together a plyometric program for them?”. Wrong question. The real question should be: “Are plyometrics the most effective method for improving a vertical jump in a basketball player?” Once again, we’ll take a […]

Good Training is ACL Prevention Training

I read the following quote from strength coach and Ph.D candidate Bret Contreras yesterday. Well, most men do too, but numerous studies show that women need increased glute strength to prevent Valgus collapse. Some studies indicate a need for increased glute medius strength, some studies indicate a need for increased glute maximus activation, and some […]

The Greatest Gift We Can Give an Athlete

It’s not Amber’s experience as a former Division I basketball. It’s not a magical drill that instantly turns a poor shooter into a great shooter. It’s not advice about proper shot technique. It’s not the hours of practice we put in each week. It’s simple. We teach our athletes that failure doesn’t define you, but […]

An Open Letter to All Parents with Little Athletes

Here’s an excerpt from a letter a little league baseball coach sent to his parents prior to the season starting: “I always said that the only team that I would coach would be a team of orphans, and now here we are. The reason for me saying this is that I have found the biggest […]

3 Cues for the Perfect Basketball Shot

If you’re a good basketball shooter, the coach will find a spot for you on the floor, especially at the high school level. Thus, it becomes extremely important to learn the correct basketball shooting technique, and to practice various shooting drills over and over and over again. Larry Bird didn’t become one of the greatest […]