Baseball and Softball Strength Training

What do home runs, fastballs, and jaw dropping diving plays at shortstop have in common? Power. And what’s the prerequisite for power? Strength.

You don’t have to read beyond the MLB headlines to see how important strength is in the game of  baseball. It seems like every week another major league player is getting busted for performance-enhancing drugs. Why? Because when you add strength to an already skilled player, you instantly get an all star. Strength magnifies skills –  pitching velocity increases, bat swing increases, base path speed improves, and the power numbers at the plate jump up.

We’ve created the perfect off season workout for baseball and softball players. It focuses on 4 primary areas that every baseball and softball player should be training:

  1. Creating rotational power through a strong, stable core to increase pitch velocity.
  2. Maintaining optimal shoulder health to reduce the risk of throwing-related injuries.
  3. Strengthening and mobilizing the hips to increase bat swing speed creating greater power at the plate.
  4. Teaching optimal acceleration techniques to create greater force angles so athletes become faster on the base path and on the field.

Program Details:

What: Two 70 minute workouts per week

Who: 8th grade – high school athletes

When: The first phase starts October 1st. A new, progressively harder 4 week phase begins each month.

Limitations: No more than 4 players will be allowed per training session. We are only accepting a total of 8 players per session. Spots are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis, with players training in the preceding month having priority.

Cost: $79 per 4 week phase (8 workouts)

How to register: E-mail us at, pick up a form at the front desk, or call us at 217-839-2484 to see if spots are available.

Available at both locations – Ageless Squared in Staunton and Ageless in Gillespie.

Why Us

  1. Expertise – Programs are created by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the NSCA who is also Functional Movement Screen Level 1 certified.
  2. Real-world Experience – All trainers are former athletes so we know what young athletes have and will experience.
  3. Knowledge – We use the most up-t0-date training methodologies so our athletes have access to the most effective training programs available. We are constantly attending clinics, seminars, and workshops to improve our craft.
  4. Training Tools – We have access to the latest training technologies and continually invest in tools that make our athletes better, stronger, and faster on the field. No other gym in a 60 mile radius has access to the equipment we use including the WoodWay Force treadmill, the Just Jump vertical mat, the CardioCoach CO2, KinesioCapture motion analysis software, and more.
  5. Winning Environment – We currently have several former athletes playing collegiate sports. We also train some of  the best high school athletes in the area. Because of that, our environment helps breed success. It’s competitive, teaches hard work, and prepares athletes for the next level.