Ageless Class Calorie Estimates


Establish Exercise Range:

You can take any activity and perform it in a variety of intensities:

Low to moderate – approximately 4 calories per minute (calisthenics, slow cycling, yoga, mat pilates, walking slow)

Moderate to vigorous – approximately 5 to 8 calories per minutes (aerobic dance, step, moderate cycling, swimming, aqua, tennis, walking briskly, strength training)

Highly vigorous – approximately 8 to 10 calories per minutes (interval workouts, walking vigorously, jogging, kick boxing, running, intense cycling, skipping rope)

Suggestion on how to use this information:

When calculating calories burned for a 60 minute exercise class consider these factors:

  • Intensity – how hard are you working; the higher the intensity, the more calories you burn.
  • Range of motion/Muscles Involved – exercises that use large muscles burn more calories than small muscle exercises.
  • Speed – slow, low intensity vs fast, higher intensity;The harder you work the more you burn!

The class estimated calories burned is calculated via the estimated calories per minute based on intensity for a 60 minute class.  The results will vary depending on the individual’s weight, prior training history, and performance during the class.