TKO: Cardio boxing class is coming to Ageless-Gillespie

If there’s one thing we all need in our life, it’s a safe place to hit things as hard and as long as we want without any repercussions – stress relief. 

We now have that safe place – our new cardio boxing class, TKO on Tuesday evenings at 6pm in Gillespie starting January 23rd. 

5 Reasons You’ll Love TKO

  1. It’s in the dark- No one will be staring at you. No spotlights. 
  2. You’ll listen to great music. Music makes everything better. 
  3. You’ll be surrounded by friends. This isn’t a class that will put you in a bubble. You’ll be able to interact, laugh, and chat with your friends during class. 
  4. No weighted exercises. No treadmills. No rowers. No spin bikes.  It’s all body weight exercises and punching – a very small learning curve.
  5. Anyone can do it and no one will look like a pro. Have you ever thrown a punch with your weak hand? Neither have we.  This class is for everyone – athletes, non-athletes, men, women, young, old, etc. It’s as fun as it is sweaty. 

Class Details

  • The class will be on Tuesday evenings at 6pm starting January 23rd. 
  • The class will be 45 minutes long. 
  • Class size is limited to 18 boxers.
  • All boxers are required to sign up via MindBody just like you do with spin classes. Walk-ins are not guaranteed a spot in class. 
  • Boxing gloves will be provided, but you can also bring your own. 
  • After a 10 minute warm-up and technical skill demonstration, you’ll fight through 9 three minute rounds, moving in groups of 6 through 3 different stations three times. 
  • If you have shoulder or hand issues, this probably isn’t the class for you. 

So, who is ready to hit something and burn some calories?