Survey Results: We asked. You Answered.

We asked. You answered (over 75 of you), And here is our response…

First, thank you. We received almost twice as much feedback as we hoped for. 98% of it was extremely positive, and the 2% that wasn’t, was extremely helpful. We had a handful of really good ideas that we hope to implement over the next 8 months. And because you took the time to answer the survey, we wanted to give you a timetable for some of the ideas you suggested. Of course, things can change. An item or two could be delayed or moved ahead of schedule. For now though, this is our game plan (Remember, this is primarily for Gillespie. Staunton will have their own.). …

May 2017
In May we hope to change Thursday’s Flow to a bootcamp-style class. Instead of the Flow-style format, it will include more circuits, body weight exercises, and traditional exercises like we have in our morning bootcamps. One of the comments several people mentioned was adding some class variety to the evening shifts.

We hope to start a private Facebook group for only gym members that will allow us to post the daily class workouts (and possibly add videos of the exercises), share recipes, and discuss training and nutrition questions. A few members mentioned they’d love to have access to the class workouts so they can do them on their own in case they can’t make the class, especially with the summer baseball/softball season coming up. They also wanted it to be private area where they can ask questions, discuss things, etc.

Fix the potholes in the parking lot so it’s not so rough. Eventually, we’ll have it lined so it’s a little more orderly, especially on the busy nights.

June 2017
Add a Saturday morning spin at 8:30am.
Add a 2nd Spartan class on Saturday mornings at 9:30am.
Add a Friday morning bootcamp at 9am.
Once again, we’re just trying to add a little more convenience and variety to the schedule as that was mentioned several times in the survey responses.

Create a Couch to 1st Class workout program for beginners. Essentially it will be a 4 week program that utilizes the cardio equipment and machines in the 24 hour area, and progressively gets slightly more intense each week so the beginner will be ready for a class if he/she decides to. A video of the workout will be included in the new member e-mail campaign. Several people mentioned that one of the reasons they don’t participate in classes(even though they want to) is because they don’t believe they’re ready for them yet. They asked if we could create a program they could do on their own that would help them prepare for a class and/or just get in shape.

A weekly e-mail on Monday with the gym’s class schedule for the week, reminding you of any big events we’re having, and just giving you a weekly dose of Ageless awesomeness. Some of our members don’t utilize Facebook, and asked if there was another way we could remind them of the things going on at Ageless on a week-to-week basis.

July 2017
The feedback on the quarterly challenges was a hit. Everyone loves free swag and enjoys some extra motivation. We hope to have the initial draft of the process done in July and start implementing it for the last quarter of 2017 for 12 month members. We’ll start the process with new members in July.

August/September 2017
Remodel the 24 hour area- fixing the carpet, adding more mirrors, hiding the wires, and improving the interior signage.

Remodel the basketball area – fixing the carpet, adding a hanging system for punching bags, and organizing the bootcamp equipment.

A few other really good ideas that were mentioned were:
– Holiday 5k events like our Halloween 5k we had a few years ago.
– Nutrition and supplement seminars for weight loss and health
– New classes (we already have 3 lined up)
– a kids’ volleyball league like our Lil’ Dribblers

Like we mentioned at the beginning of the survey, we’re always looking for advice and ideas. We may not always use it, but I can promise you we’ll always listen, discuss it, and see if it’s feasible. So don’t hesitate to add your two cents. We ALWAYS welcome suggestions. It’s how we get better and better each year.

As always, thanks for your help.