Skinny Jeans Challenge Winners, New Thinner Winner Monthly Challenge, and more


The 15k Calorie Skinny Jeans Challenge winners are…..

Grand Prize: Jessica Dawson

2nd Prize: Connie Miller

Third Prize: Anita Watson

The New Monthly Thinner Winner Challenge

Now that the contest is over, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to maintain the healthy habits you’ve created over the last four weeks. Have no fear, the Ageless Thinner Winner challenge starts Monday, October 17th (October’s challenge will only be 2 weeks).

Everyone had so much success with the Skinny Jeans Challenge whether they met the 15,000 burned calorie goal, established a nutritional goal, or came to the realization that they aren’t exercising enough to balance out their intake. After receiving loads of requests to keep a challenge going, our strategic planning team came up with never-ending challenge where there’s one winner each month.

We like to keep things simple around here so all you need is a MyZone belt. Simply accept the challenge via our MyZone invitation, and you’re in. Then you just have to burn calories with your belt on. Easy right? You probably already have a belt by now and of course you’re burning calories.

The person who burns the most calories each month, starting in October, will be the Ageless Thinner Winner. The winner each month will get the “Thinner Winner” title for the next month and an Ageless Thinner Winner t-shirt. To keep things fair, you can only win the challenge once every 12 months.

The details:
-Wear your MyZone belt for all physical activity
-Exercise either in the Ageless facility or outside the facility
-Ensure your workouts are uploaded in the gym or via the MyZone app
-The person who burns the most calories at the end of each month is the “Ageless Thinner Winner.” Simply log into your MyZone account, and you’ll see the leader board for the contest just like the one we had for the Skinny Jeans Challenge.
-Don’t let your nutritional goals you’ve established in the Skinny Jeans Contest fly out the window. Continue incorporating your established goals and add more specific, detailed goals.

MEPS contest coming soon

Our next major challenge will be a MEPS challenge. It’s no secret that the guys had an easier time with the calorie challenge. However, if you look at the MEPS (effort points) earned during the challenge, the ladies clearly dominated. So ladies, you’re in the driver’s seat for the next scheduled challenge. More details will be released in the next few weeks.