The 15,000 Calorie Skinny Jeans Challenge – FAQS Part 3

The Skinny Jeans Challenge at Ageless

No idea what the Skinny Jeans Challenge is? Check it out here. Also, check out part I of the FAQs here and part II of the FAQs here.

I’m a man. I don’t want skinny jeans. Can I still participate?

Yes, of course. The winner will get a gift card for Maurice’s. You can spend it on anything you want – a shirt, dress pants, or even a cowboy hat. We don’t care. OR, being the great husband/boyfriend/son you are, you can give the gift card to your significant other or mother as a “thanks for being great” gift.

I’m still confused on the MyZone heart monitors. How do they work? How do they upload my workouts so I don’t lose them?

Check out these guides:

What is MyZone –Click here

How to download workouts – Click Here

MyZone User Guide – Click Here

Is this the only contest we’ll use the MyZone monitors for? I don’t want to purchase one for just 4 weeks.

Absolutely not. Once the contest ends, we’ll crown a monthly Calorie King or Queen. Winners will get a free t-shirt and even have a chance to make it into the Ageless Hall of Fame. We also already have 3 more contests planned for 2016-2017 utilizing the monitors. Plus, starting in 2017, we plan on having a leader board for calories as well as workouts. Members that reach milestones (i.e 200 workouts in 2017 0r 100,000 calories burned in 2017) will receive Ageless swag. Because the MyZone system allows us to track so much data so easily, we’ll be able to run more contests throughout the year. More contests = more motivation = more fat loss. But remember, starting September 1st, the price increases for a Myzone belt to $75.